craft chair

Product Description

Our craft chair is solid welded steel construction with 4 layers of enamel paint. Built to be durable, easily cleaned, comfortable, and fun!

Blue The Chair maintains a mountain bike monoshock under the seat in order to allow for a “custom ride” for Blue’s user. Adjust the spring tension and shock to a setting that is most comfortable for you.


  • 3/4″ Steel Tube
  • 1/4″ Steel Rod
  • Stamped Steel


  • Height: 21”
  • Width: 17”
  • Length: 19.5”
  • Weight: 16.6 lbs
Live Edge Detail on Manzanita Wood Shelf Unit

Artistic Inspiration

Fun! Natural sunlight playing across a light blue base and fun enamel colors of yellow, white, and green surely livens up the area. Blue The Chair is a great way to add color to your pottery studio, kid’s playroom, or your She Shed. The light blue enamel paint is easily cleaned and is an excellent coating to take the occasional bump, drop, or splash.

I maintain an affinity for naming each of my pieces. More times than not the name comes in the beginning of the process of creation. Blue was a bit different than that. Originally Blue’s creation was invisioned to be ergonomically comfortable in a minimalistic and unique way. As Blue came to be I believe that portion was achieved. Blue’s base color sparked a memory from the time when my children were young thus, providing the name.