Manzanita Wood Artisan Display Shelf Unit called Alfred

Dolly | Steel Gong 

Product Description

Dolly is made of ¼” thick steel metal tubing. It is finished with Japanese Brown: Copper Patinas and has “dancing” figures on all sides. It stands on a 1” solid square steel base. The hammer for the gong is made from aromatic cedar wood and Italian leather that produces a beautiful sound. Dolly will bring sculpture and sound to an outdoor landscape design or an attractive fun feature to a dining or living room setting.


  • Width: 13.5”
  • Height: 31.5”
  • Depth: 13.5”
  • Weight:

Artistic Inspiration

I once was a millwright. Often when we were on site, waiting for machinery or parts to be moved around, we’d sit amongst a pile of metal work and inevitably stark to knock on the pipes and experiment with their sounds. So, when I collected this 8” x 8” square steel metal tubing I already knew it would have a great resonance and sound and made the decision to turn it into a gong. Gongs for me always conjure up images of the practices of Tibetan Buddhism, and its’ leader the Dalai Lama. The piece was conceived and with a small play on words Dalai became Dolly and the piece was named. 



Live Edge Detail on Manzanita Wood Shelf Unit

Ferdinand | Wood Sculpture

On a trip to Grass Valley, California to source manzanita wood, I came across this large 3.5’ diameter manzanita wood root ball. As I stared at this awesome piece of wood, there in the middle I perceived a bull’s head with its’ elongated face and horns. That’s when ‘Ferdinand the Bull’ was born in my mind. I brought him home with me and carefully removed the outer parts of the root ball to reveal this magnificent beast. Ferdinand will make a statement on the wall of any western home or lodge.


  • Width 18”
  • Height 25”
  • Depth 16”