Artistry & Inspiration

“Art Takes Over Where Nature Ends”

pine and manzanita wood artisan display shelving unit with stone plinth and three live edge shelves

My Inspiration

“Nature inspires me with irregular shapes, textures, and lines. I admire the contours of a rocky crag, the way a twisted tree limb subtly supports immense weight, an earthy aroma unmistakable in its’ origins, and most of all the vast array of variations and deviations in our natural world.”

Twisted Trees craftsmen furniture made in Montana work reflects my interpretation of natural aspects of the materials that I create with.


About Me

Hello. I’m Jim Muskovich and I’m the founder of Twisted Trees Design and the artist who created the pieces in The Collection. After bidding a fond farewell to a very different career in risk management, I began following my passion for creating functional art in January of 2018 with an anticipation of sharing my vision for how to bring the beauty of the natural world into the home. My desire to create has been a lifelong journey beginning as a young boy and carrying through into my adult life.

Artisan Wooden Shelving Unit

My Artistic Process

My process always begins with observing the natural product in its’ environment and letting it speak to me wherever that is.

I spend hours looking for the piece of manzanita, stone, or eventual slabbed wood. Each piece either inspires the next or is inspired by the other.

A tree with “character” shows me that the slabs within will be a perfect integration with the stone I harvested two years before.

The formation of a manzanita tree almost screams to me that it will be a support for an elegant shelving unit.


Finishing Touches

Each Twisted Trees Design piece receives at least eight coats of finish. Each one hand applied, sanded between coats, and buffed to our client’s taste in sheen. Why apply so many coats of finish? Added coats extend the life and durability of our pieces while minimizing the effort of our client when it comes to cleaning. We utilize water based products whenever applicable to reduce potential environmental impact. We will finish with oil based polyurethane or lacquer should our client desire.