Nature Inspired Artisan Furniture

“Art takes over where nature ends”

Artist – Marc Chagall

This philosophy drives the design and creation of our unique, artisan furniture collection.


Brings the beauty of nature into your home

Every item we sell is one-of-a-kind. Each piece is an original design, hand-crafted from sustainably sourced wood. Pieces created from Manzanita and Maple bring a rich color pallette and the beauty of nature into your home.

Some of our nature-inspired pieces are embellished with metalwork that often adds a semi-industrial feel to what would otherwise be a rustic piece. Other items are anchored with stone that to add stability as well as a design element.

Whether ski lodge, rustic cabin or western ranch, our unique, artisan furniture will bring eye-catching design to your home.


We are happy to customize any pieces in our collection to suit your needs.

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