pine and manzanita wood artisan display shelving unit with stone plinth and three live edge shelves

Furniture Collection

Our furniture collection brings the beauty of nature into the home. Each piece is unique and has been designed to provide an eye-catching, talking piece to adorn a western home, whether ski lodge, rustic cabin on ranch. Each piece is an original, hand-crafted from sustainably sourced wood by master craftsman and owner of Twisted Trees Design, Jim Muskovich. Some of our nature-inspired pieces are embellished with metalwork to add an industrial touch. Other items are anchored with stone bases that bring a second natural material to the piece as well as great stability.

Sculpture Collection

The creation of our Sculpture Collection was driven artistic inspiration derived from the natural materials used in each piece.

A wooden burl had within it the image of a bulls head while a square piece of metal tubing cried out to be made into a beautiful sounding gong.  

Spalted Wooden Bowl

Housewares Collection

The Twisted Trees Housewares Collection can be found in our Etsy Shop.

It includes hand turned, spalted maple bowls, rustic candlestick holders, artisan tortilla presses, and elegant jewelry boxes.