side table

artisan side table with manzanita wood base and stone top

Artistic Inspiration

The Flinstones, or specifically Fred Flintstone inspired this item in our collection. I discovered all of the raw pieces in a close proximity to one another. The pieces “fell together” and ideas started to form in my imagination at that very moment.

I began to think of how years go, if cavemen, like the fictional Fred Flinstone were to have made furniture they would have picked up these materials and crafted a rudimentary, simplistic in form, functional piece of furniture. I liked the idea and Fred was born.

Today, I like to describe Fred as a piece of nature-inspired furniture that uniquely manages to combines both a rustic and minimalistic aesthetic.

So often, less is more. And in truth, Fred is just one of those pieces that seemed to create itself.




  • Pine
  • Manzanita
  • Wenge
  • Stone


  • Height: 
  • Width: 
  • Length: 
  • Weight: 
Live Edge Detail on Manzanita Wood Shelf Unit

Product Description

Fred is constructed with a mottled, live edge spalted hackberry top, a single manzanita leg, and a manzanita base with three manzanita “toes”.

The pale hue of the hackberry perfectly complements the deep red-brown of the manzanita. And the live-edge table top and twisted manzanita branches give this table the impression of organic movement and life.

Fred is a side table that simply cries out to have a flower arrangement in a pottery vase placed on top or even a piece of native or western art.

And Fred’s size means it can be strategically placed in a tight corner or nook to draw attention to what might other been dead areas of lost space within a room.

Fred, truly is one of those pieces that will brings nature into the heart of the home.